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Social outcomes we support
We also decorate and furnish venues with household items that will stimulate memories. For instance, we have transformed a art gallery into a 1960s living room and a hospital as had a 1950s living room that patients and relatives can use to make their visits more enjoyable
we are based in a real shop where you can visit and get advice about the range of activities we have available and the suitability for your specific needs. As a ‘not for profit’ organisation we keep our prices as low as possible and reinvest any surplus to support us to do the great work we do for people with dementia. This includes delivering daily activities, tea parties, giving talks in the community, and providing a unique shop that is set in the past that can be accessed in order to bring back memories.
All of our activities are available to be seen at our unique shop which is set in the past. Making us a place where people can visit, ask our advice, try out the activities for themselves or with their loved ones to make sure they are suitable. We would rather not sell an item if we think it isn’t suitable. As a community led organisation we are ethical about what we do rather than in it for the money!
we set up Mindful Gifts CIC because of the lack of suitable activities for people with dementia and that family found it difficult to know what to buy their loved one for special occasions such as Birthdays and Christmas. All of our activities are tried and tested in care homes and hospitals to ensure their suitability. We also deliver talks, give advice and deliver training on ‘the importance of meaningful activities and we have supported hospitals, care homes, and places like art galleries to become ‘dementia friendly’.