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Rag Rugging

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Rag Rugging Rugs

Once upon a time somebody, somewhere, realised they could tear up old rags and weave the bits into a rug and people have been doing it ever since. Different people found different ways; none of them were right, and none of them were wrong. Some were more successful than others and today we have a variety of recognisable rag rug types.  This page explains how to make the traditional shaggy rugs that were so popular in Britain, and the rest of Western Europe, for the hundred years or more up until the middle of the 20th century, when people preferred new-wool rugs and fitted carpets took over. There are other methods of course, but more has been written about them (especially rag 'hooking') so 'Shaggy rag rugs' sticks to shaggy rag rugs.  There are different names for these rugs in different parts of the country. These include: clip mats, peg mats, proggy, clootie, proddy, bodging and rag mats or rugs. If you haven't ever heard of any of these names your granny probably has.

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