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Assistive Tableware

Thought about gifts for cared about people

Mindful Gifts CIC was born from the desire to provide a solution to buying suitable gift ideas for people with dementia and enabling people with dementia to take part in meaningful activities.


June Andrews, Director at Stirling University Dementia Services Development Centre, says:-

"Eating and drinking is very important in Dementia. For all of us, the whole experience is crucial: not just the right food at the right temperature at the right time, but we are affected by the ambience of the room, and the company we are with. Not least the table settings are crucial. Having attractive crockery and cutlery can make a difference to our appetite and how we enjoy food. People with Dementia sometimes have special requirements. They need coloured plates that allow them to see what they are eating, and the plates need to be easy to use with rims to help scooping and lifting food"