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This Black Friday checkout our website for meaningful Dementia gifts and activities at sale prices! We have many items including This is My Life memory books, Jigsaws, Twiddlemuffsand much more! www.mindfulgifts.co.uk
We, Mindful Gifts CIC, are looking forward to reopeing our unique shop in Darlaston, Walsall on 3 December 2020. As like many small independent shops we have been forced to close during lockdown. However, behind the scenes we have been busy getting our shop stocked with Christmas decorations and gifts , most at vastly reduced prices. We also have gifts for people with dementia including jigsaws, memory books and many more activities. So if you want to get some quirky and thoughtful gifts then please pay us a visit. We look forward to seeing you very soon! www.mindfulgifts.co.uk
Odds and Sods, Bits and Bobs The smell, the scent of a solid wood drawer, the pungent aroma of steel and other metals that fill the openness or divided by compartment, When I was a boy I would ask me Grandad, have you got… before I could finish the sentence, go look in the odds and sods drawer or the tin slightly rusted tool box which sat not too far from the heavenly drawer of everything. Which would be contained in the universe of shed, the universe of shed emitted a faint smell of old cut grass, rusty tools, and oils for everything, even my Grandad’s creaky knees. Odds and sods the drawer with contents, That will fix the lot. Bits and bobs, the drawer to mend even hearts, When broke there’s tape for that. Rust on the fingers as we rummage, the fun starts, Granite hands we need for the sharps. Pull free one hand from treasure trove of parts. What’s deep in the nail bed, the tip of a drawing pins pointy point, We pull it out and dive back in. To only find something wet and sticky the leaky glue bottle, Alas I found it after what seemed like days of searching, It was only a button I needed for me bestest shirt, The odds and sods are always my first port of call. By Ellis Unchained Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020 11/10/2020 https://www.unchainedwisdom.com/ For Mindful Gifts CIC Darlaston https://www.mindfulgifts.co.uk/
Mindful Gifts CIC have received a lifeline grant from Government’s £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund. Mindful Gifts CIC has been awarded £13,900 to be used for a range of activities that will include using virtual and interactive videos on social media that will keep people in touch with our unique shop and the memories it contains. We will be introducing virtual videos that will show people how to make traditional items such as rag rugs. #HereForCulture @dcms, @HeritageFundUK @HistoricEngland.