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Wearing a face covering lowers the risk of spreading Covid-19 to others through speaking and coughing, new research suggests. Speaking and coughing without face protection exposes people nearby to droplets carrying the virus that could otherwise be stopped by wearing a mask, according to the study. Researchers found someone standing two metres from a coughing person with no mask is exposed to 10,000 times more droplets than someone half a metre from someone coughing and wearing a covering. ‘Therefore, wearing a face mask can really make a difference’ and we have a duty to protect other people as well ourselves.
Would you like to volunteer for an award winning unique shop that benefits people with dementia and the community? If you can spare a couple of hours a week thenat Mindful Gifts CIC shop in Darlaston then pop in and see us. You will have something unique to put on your CV and we will give you a reference as well.
Mindful Gifts CIC have given out bundles of activities to 10 care homes so far this month.This is an addition to the 10 care homes we gave activities to in March during lockdown. If you know a care home that would benefit from these free activities please share this post with them . Mindful Gifts Cic are giving away a bundle of free activities to care homes every day in July. The care homes must come to our Mindful Gifts Cic shop in Darlaston to collect . www.mindfulgifts.co.uk
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