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Thought about gifts for cared about people

Mindful Gifts CIC was born from the desire to provide a solution to buying suitable gift ideas for people with dementia and enabling people with dementia to take part in meaningful activities.


Reminiscence therapy is important to a person who has dementia. People with dementia can often recall their distant memories a lot easier than their most recent memories. Talking about their past may be a good way of helping a person to retain their identity. The person may gain a great deal of pleasure in being able to talk about their past. Getting to know the person with dementia will help them maintain their independence and dignity. It will also help to ensure that they are treated as an individual; this is really important to the person with dementia.
The elderly and people with dementia often have difficulty remembering what's recently happened in their lives. This can leave them feeling confused, vulnerable and less confident. Their memories from years ago, however, often remain detailed and intact. Recalling these memories can be immensely therapeutic, not to mention enjoyable. Reminiscence gives people the opportunity share these rich stories and experiences. It's very sociable and helps them remember that they are still a real person. This can boost their self-esteem and help them make a valuable connection between the past and the present.