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Art Activities ( painting etc)

Thought about gifts for cared about people

Mindful Gifts CIC was born from the desire to provide a solution to buying suitable gift ideas for people with dementia and enabling people with dementia to take part in meaningful activities.


Art is a wonderful way to encourage social interaction, dexterity and cognitive activity. Art activities can also be very therapeutic and not only give the person a sense of achievement but can also help prevent boredom which can lead to depression. Although activities such as painting do not slow the progression of dementia, activities do improve wellbeing and quality of life.

If the person is being cared for lives in their own home, the benefits of doing an activity, such as painting, are not only beneficial to the person with dementia but can also give the carer a break. On the other hand, if the person is no longer at home, the activity can be an enjoyable experience; you can share together when visiting.